Fundraising Ideas are What We Do Best!

When it comes to fundraising ideas Planet Fun has worked with some pretty amazing charities, and we know how to make things easy and profitable for your next fundraising event.

When you host with Planet Fun we play a key role so you can focus on the most important task of raising funds. Whether you’re looking to host a charity event with hundreds of people or a small venue for a few of your closest friends, our infrastructure allows the flexibility to handle almost anything. Not to mention Planet Fun has a huge social following with 1000’s of amazing customers that love special events! We are perfect for schools, youth groups, sports teams and non profit organizations of all sizes. When you partner with us we’re only limited by the creativity of our fundraising ideas!














Why Fundraise
With Planet Fun Scarborough?

No Upfront Costs
Staff Provided
Clean, Safe Environment
Kids Have Fun While Raising Money
Large or Small Events
Large Social Reach
In house design team to work with

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Typical Split Revenue You Receive

  • Ticket Sales 50%
  • Food and Snack Bar Sales 25%
  • Twice New Sales 25%

Planet Fun Per Ticket Sold Donations

  • 75 Tickets – 2x 10 Play Passes
  • 100 Tickets – 1x Week of Summer Camp
  • 150 Tickets –1x Essential Birthday Party
  • 200 Tickets – 1x Deluxe Birthday Party
  • 250 Tickets – 1x Ultimate Birthday Party
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How it Works?

We operate our fundraisers using the split revenue model. This means that when you/we sell a ticket or a guest purchases food at the event each party gets a portion of the proceeds. This is great because the more tickets or food sold means more money for your cause. It’s also great because as the event grows it allows us to schedule the extra staff required for the event without an increase in the event’s costs.

Our facility and this fundraising model also allows for additional fundraising methods such as raffles and silent auctions. These additional fundraising methods add more ways to raise money for your sports team, school or non profit organization – And 100% of the profits raised this way go to your cause – How great is that!

We also have a per ticket sold donation system that can really help you raise funds!

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PlanetFun Has NO Room For Cancer

This was a really amazing event for us, we were able to combine our monthly family party with a great cause: Camp Ooch! This is a clip from our Facebook LIVE STREAM before the event really picked up.

The event was such a success, it’s so amazing to be able to work with such great people, and they had some amazing fundraising ideas…

Examples of Past Events Sales and Funds Raised

Example #1

  • Ticket Sold $2450.00 – Fundraisers Split $1225.00
  • Food Sales $1474.04 – Fundraiser Spilt $368.51
  • Twice New Sales $315.14 – Fundraisers Split $78.79
  • Raffle and Silent Auction $1875.00

Example #2

  • Ticket Sold $1650.00 – Fundraisers Split $825.00
  • Food Sales $763.07 – Fundraiser Spilt $190.77
  • Twice New Sales $104.05 – Fundraisers Split $26.01
  • Raffle and Silent Auction $1150.00
  • Total Funds Raised $2191.78

Total Funds Raised $3547.30

We Would Love to Talk About It!

If you have any questions about hosting your fundraising event us we would love to hear from you. We are always open to new fundraising ideas and looking for new ways to put on the best events we can!

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